Changing the World Starts With You...

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We are a bridge that connects good people from all walks of life with good people from around the world through our trips and programs.


Our goal is to introduce people and spark conversation. At the end of the day, we're all very similar and care about those around us.


Once people have connected and begun talking, anything is possible. Change happens when people become invested in the lives of others.

Our Mission

As an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization HGT Travel Foundation provides financial, educational and emotional support to the communities we know and love through our experience and knowledge gained from running our tour operator business. Over the past ten years HGT has been organizing and running tours, treks and climbs to countries in Southeast Asia, Indochina, and Africa. HGT Travel Foundation gives back to the local communities and their families many of whom work in the travel industry as guides, porters, cooks, drivers and office staff. Our goal is simple — we serve those in need in the countries we operate programs. There are no salaried positions within HGT Travel Foundation. We are all volunteers.


In many of these countries basic healthcare and education are not always available. In addition to the more “planned” support projects, special projects always arise due to economic hardship, family changes, catastrophic events, etc. Some projects are on a larger community based scale while others are for a specific family or individual. HGT Travel Foundation also partners with its extensive network of business and not for profit contacts to provide both financial and administrative support. HGT Travel Foundation also has individual country based project managers to ensure we are addressing the needs of the local communities.

Looking Ahead

As HGT Travel Foundation grows our goal is to be able to address the ever changing needs of the communities and people we serve. We will look to expand our fundraising, introduce new charity programs and sell more custom handcrafted products. Just as importantly we will look to expand our local footprint and connections to other corporate and not for profit organizations around the world. By setting up the foundation in the manner described and by partnering with other local and international organizations HGT Travel Foundation will be able to address a wide range of financial, educational and emotional needs of the local communities and people we serve.