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We want to make a difference for our friends at home as well those in the countries we serve. HGT Travel Foundation has pledged to support projects and causes that specifically impact those families in need of special care.

Helping our Friends – Moshi, Tanzania


Enjoy the end of summer or start your year off with a great adventure and for a great cause on Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Aug 1, 2018 – Aug 12, 2018

Dec 28, 2018 – Jan 8, 2019

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Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek to benefit Nepal based post-earthquake relief projects

May 4, 2018 – May 17, 2018

Nov 4, 2018 – Nov 17, 2018

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Past Climbs

Benefit for The Elisha Foundation

March 2013

HGT Travels first fundraising adventure with Trek4TEF took place in March of 2013 and was a resounding success. Eli Reimer became the first American with Down Syndrome to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp, the second person with Down Syndrome ever, and the youngest to do so! Eli's adventure with a purpose inspired millions of people (broadcast by every major news source around the world), gave hope to the disabled community and brought tons of life changing funds and resources for TEF to use in reaching the disabled. Eli also inspired the outdoor community to continue doing likeminded events to get those with disabilities outdoors. Eli and his Team's accomplishment impacted the WORLD.

Benefit for The Elisha Foundation

July 2014

Eli's adventure with a purpose continued to inspire people from around the world. Along with Nate Davis, Eli Reimer and the Trek4TEF team gave hope to the disabled community. At the same time they raised the necessary funds and resources for The Elisha Foundation to continue its worldwide mission to transform the lives of people impacted by disability through providing needed spiritual and physical resources.

Benefit for Kupenda for the Children

December 2015

Together with Kupenda, HGT Travels put together a team of 16, 11 Americans and 5 Kenyans, to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Three of which were children that are part of the Gede Special School system where Kupenda assists in the Malindi and Margareni Districts along the coast of Kenya. Two of the young Kenyan climbers, having never before left home let alone the warmth (and low altitude) of the Kenyan coast, made it to the "Roof of Africa".

The climb also succeeded in achieving the overall Kupenda mission to change 3 perspectives:

  1. That of communities, families, government workers, and teachers to showcase the purpose, value, and strength these young individuals possess.
  2. To inspire the hearts of the young hikers joining us – to encourage them in their journey and help them achieve greatness through a community that loves them.
  3. To change people's mind – to remind them that heartbreaking human rights issues exist in East Africa, and you can help make a difference!